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Exercise Rapid Trident 2019

01 Oct 2019 11:29


Rapid Trident is an annual, multinational exercise organised by Ukraine and the United States. Around 3,700 service members from 14 NATO Allied and partner nations are participating. This year, exercise Rapid Trident took place from 13 to 28 September, near Yavoriv, Ukraine. Rapid Trident is an exercise that contributes to Ukraine's continued defense modernisation and US/NATO standardization, which enables Ukrainian cooperation in regional security efforts. Footage includes various shots of Ukrainian soldiers practicing casualty response, decontaminating vehicles and Ukrainian and US troops performing urban operations. Soundbites from German, Ukrainian and US soldiers.


Around 3,700 service members from 14 NATO Allied and partner nations participated in exercise Rapid Trident in Ukraine, contributing to Ukraine’s continued defense modernisation.


1. (00:00) VARIOUS SHOTS – UKRAINIAN SOLDIERS PRACTISE RESPONDING TO A SIMULATED CASUALTY DURING EXERCISE RAPID TRIDENT 2. (00:42) MID SHOT – UKRAINIAN SOLDIERS WALKING 3. (00:44) VARIOUS SHOTS – REPRESENTATIVES OF THE UNITED STATES AND UKRAINE OBSERVE EXERCISE 4. (00:59) WIDE SHOT – US SOLDIER DESCRIBES UPCOMING EXERCISE INVOLVING UKRAINIAN SOLDIERS 5. (01:12) VARIOUS SHOTS – UKRAINIAN SOLDIERS PERFORM EXERCISE TAKING ENEMY FIRE AND EXTRACTING SIMULATED CASUALTIES WHILE COACHED BY US OBSERVERS 6. (02:04) VARIOUS SHOTS – MILITARY REPRESENTATIVES FROM VARIOUS NATIONS BRIEF MEDIA ON EXERCISE RAPID TRIDENT 7. (02:16) VARIOUS SHOTS – UKRAINIAN SOLDIERS PERFORM COMPUTER-BASED TASKS IN THE EXERCISE SIMULATION CENTRE 8. (02:32) VARIOUS SHOTS – UKRAINIAN DECONTAMINATION UNIT PUT ON PROTECTIVE CLOTHING 9. (02:48) VARIOUS SHOTS – UKRAINIAN DECONTAMINATION UNIT WASH VEHICLE 10. (03:18) VARIOUS SHOTS – UKRAINIAN SOLDIERS CARRY OUT URBAN OPERATION 11. (04:09) VARIOUS SHOTS – DEMONSTRATION OF VARIOUS VEHICLES AND HELICOPTERS DURING DISTINGUISHED VISITORS DAY 12. (04:37) VARIOUS SHOTS – US SOLDIERS PERFORM URBAN OPERATION 13. (05:06) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) – LT COL ROBERT TRACY, COMMANDER – JOINT MULTINATIONAL TRAINING GROUP-UKRAINE (JMTGU) “NATO is important in providing support and training and advice to continue to enhance those capabilities of what is now a modern and professional Ukrainian force but just to enhance their capabilities even more and get them closer to being a compatible and interoperable partner.” 14. (05:28) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) – COL FERDI AKALTIN, NATO ALLIED LAND COMMAND “Since we train Ukraine forces to NATO standards, we show our interest in the development of the Ukraine land forces and we help them to develop themselves, to get better readiness, enable them to deter enemy aggression from whatever direction, and so contributing to peace and stability in this region.” 15. (05:55) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) – LT COL MICHAEL STARZ, COMMANDER - 1st BATALLION, 26TH INTANTRY REGIMENT, 101ST AIRBORNE DIVISION, UNITED STATES ARMY “The bigger picture is that we help Ukraine solidify their defences and that they learn how to partner and advance their military capability for future partnership and opportunities.” 16. (06:08) SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) – SGT SHAZER PETERS, 101st AIRBORNE DIVISION, UNITED STATES ARMY “It’s definitely been a very interesting experience. Seeing how the Ukrainian forces do water crossings is something that we don’t practise in the United States Army as much as they do and they’re very good at it. So we’ve definitely learned a lot from them, and I think they’ve learned a lot from us when it comes to urban operations, so there’s a lot of give and take as to what…we’ve benefitted from them and they’ve benefitted from our presence here as well and it’s been a good operation overall.” 17. (06:34) SOUNDBITE (UKRAINIAN) – COL OLEKSANDR ZHAKUN, EXERCISE RAPID TRIDENT CO-DIRECTOR “The experience of our foreign partners is important to us and we make use of it. Our partners are NATO members, therefore this experience is invaluable to us and we will implement it, in the future, in the armed forces of Ukraine.” END

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