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The European Union: a unique and essential partner for NATO

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Facing the same threats and challenges, the EU is a unique and essential partner for NATO that shares the same values in supporting international peace and security.


NATO and the European Union (EU) are strong partners since the early 2000s. The two organisations share the same values and challenges, and have complementary roles in supporting international peace and security.
NATO and the EU stand united in condemning Russia’s brutal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and in supporting Ukraine’s right to self-defence enshrined in the UN Charter.
With over 20 member countries in common, NATO and the EU play complementary and mutually reinforcing roles. In January 2023, both organisations signed the third Joint Declaration on EU-NATO Cooperation to further strengthen and expand the partnership between NATO and the EU, and they regularly report on progress in cooperation.
NATO and the EU have worked together on issues like military mobility, maritime, cyber defence, as well as measures to bolster resilience to hybrid threats, ranging from disinformation campaigns to acute crises. They are now looking to increase their cooperation in new areas, including climate change and new technologies; and to strengthen their political consultations on issues of common interest, such as the challenges posed by China to Euro-Atlantic security.


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