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The legend of Lithuania’s Iron Wolf

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Lithuania’s Iron Wolf brigade takes its name from a medieval legend about a mythical creature and the founding of Vilnius. Today, it plays an important part in Lithuania’s contribution to NATO’s collective defence.


The Lithuanian “Iron Wolf” Mechanised Infantry Brigade takes its name from the mythical creature of Gediminas’ dream. Legend has it, Gediminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, was on a hunting trip and had an unusual dream of an iron wolf standing and howling on top of a mountain. The Grand Duke’s wise men interpreted this as a meaning that a great city should be built there. The Grand Duke was then inspired to found the city on the Vilnia River in 1323, which eventually became modern-day Vilnius.
Today, the Iron Wolf brigade makes up the core unit of the Lithuanian Armed Forces and plays an important part in Lithuania‘s contribution to NATO’s collective defence. For the Lithuanian Armed Forces, the iron wolf is a sign of strength and vigilance, where everyone should know the Lithuanians are ready to stand guard to defend Lithuania and NATO Allies against any aggression.


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