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How to survive in the winter wilderness – with NATO’s battlegroup Estonia

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What would you need to do to survive in the winter wilderness? Here are some top tips provided by UK troops from NATO’s battlegroup in Estonia.


If you find yourself stranded in the winter wilderness, how do you survive? This is an eventuality the UK troops that make up part of NATO’s multinational battlegroup in Estonia – with the United Kingdom as framework nation – train for on the Cold Weather Operator’s Course, which takes place every year in Estonia.
This NATO battlegroup also includes contributions from other NATO Allies, including Denmark, France and Iceland.
As part of the course, the soldiers must spend two nights in the Estonian forest learning how to build camps, make fires and find food and water. The course helps the soldiers adjust to different climates and terrains and makes sure they’re ready to operate in cold winter conditions.
Here, chief instructor Colour Sergeant Sykes of the UK Royal Marines gives his top tips for anyone thinking of heading out into the winter wilderness.


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