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NATO celebrates International Women’s Day 2021 (with subs)

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At NATO, we believe in gender equality. Join us in celebrating International Women’s Day.


Societies, countries and organisations are most successful when they embrace the full potential of all of their members, including women. Equal participation is a core security requirement: essential to the resilience of our societies, to the effectiveness of our forces, and to achieving and preserving peace.

NATO believes in the unique role that women play in promoting peace and security, and has integrated gender perspectives in all we do. From policy and planning, training and education, to missions and operations, NATO stands for gender equality.

NATO supports this year’s United Nations International Women’s Day theme: “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.” Today we know more than ever that women play a key role and are essential in making decisions, policies and laws.


“We might not be from the same generation.
We might not have the same roots.
And we might not have the same background.

But we all share the same values and hopes: liberty, respect, equality.

Every day, NATO works to nurture and defend these values.
We integrate gender perspectives in all we do.
We care about forging an inclusive world.

We believe in the unique role that women play in promoting peace and security and we recognise the importance of women in leadership.

Together, we will keep on working to build a more equal future.”
"My restless soul (Instrumental)" - Joe Hearson
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