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NATO: 70 years in 70 seconds

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Over the past 70 years, our world has changed dramatically and NATO has changed with it. Watch 70 years of our history unfold in just 70 seconds.


For 70 years, the bond between Europe and North America has made NATO the strongest alliance in history. We are a partnership of people, bound by shared history, values and goals. Together we work to prevent conflict and preserve peace for nearly one billion people. Our solemn commitment to each other is that an attack against one Ally is an attack against us all.

NATO has kept our countries and our people safe by continuously adapting to new security challenges. For 40 years, NATO successfully deterred the Soviet Union from aggression against Western Europe. In the 1990s, we faced new security challenges in Europe and helped to end conflicts in the Western Balkans. After 9/11, NATO took a lead role in the international response in Afghanistan, where we continue to train local forces.

Our world is changing and NATO is changing with it. But our commitment to one another endures, giving us the strength to overcome our differences and rise to any challenge. Standing with unity and resolve in defence of our values, NATO will remain a pillar of stability in an uncertain world for the next generations.
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