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#WeAreNATO - The Romanian medic

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Meet Elvis, a military medic from Romania. The part about his job he loves most is the ”action and adrenaline”.


Staff Sergeant Elvis Costea is a medic with the Romanian Army. He took part in Saber Guardian 2017, a US-led exercise in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania involving more than 25,000 troops from over 20 NATO Allies and partner nations. Staff Sergeant Elvis Costea says what he likes most about his job is the”action and adrenaline”. The piece is a short profile of him training during exercise Saber Guardian in Romania. The footage includes shots of Staff Sergeant Costea tending to a simulated patient.


Shots of ambulance arriving

Staff Sergeant Elvis Costea
Military medic, Romanian Army
Staff Sergeant Elvis Costea. Military medic, Romanian Army
“When the patients arrive, their life is in my hands.”

Staff Sergeant Elvis Costea, Romanian Military Medic
“I am an emergency nurse. What I like about my job is the action. It is a little adrenaline. I worked also in Afghanistan and there was the real action. In your mind, your patient should be OK. You are focused for their life. What you should do for your patient to be OK.”

Staff Sergeant Elvis Costea, Military medic, Romanian Army
“Before, I made three years of nurse school and after that I graduated school and I went to the Romanian medical team.”

Staff Sergeant Elvis Costea, Romanian Military Medic
“Yes, it is important. It is important because patients come with different injuries and you should be capable to make the decision, what you do with your patient very quickly. This is just instincts.”

Shots of patient being treated in field hospital

Shots of patients being treated in field hospital

Shots of medic walking through tents
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